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2017 Mayor of Greater Manchester election results

Election 4 May 2017 (result declared on 5 May 2017)

Candidate Party Number of first preference votes given for each candidate Percentage of first preference votes
Anstee, Sean Brian Conservative Party  128,752 22.72%
Aslam, Mohammad Independent 5,815 1.03%
Brophy, Jane Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 34,334 6.06%
Burnham, Andy Labour and Co-operative Party 359,352 63.41%
Farmer, Marcus Jonathan Independent 3,360 0.59%
Morris, Stephen English Democrats - "Putting England First!" 11,115 1.96%
Odze, Shneur Zalman UK Independence Party (UKIP) 10,583 1.87%
Patterson, Will The Green Party 13,424 2.37%
Total number of first preference votes   566,735

Rejected first count ballots

Reason Count
a) want of an official mark 16
b) voting for more than one candidate as to the first preference vote 4,735
c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 114
e) unmarked or void for uncertainty as to the first preference vote 1.943
Total number of ballots rejected at the first count 6,808